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Vanfinediningto a quick bite, in the cosiest student city in the north you will find all shapes and sizes. From a brackish brunch to the best cocktail bars. Find the best restaurant in Groningen for the romantic evening, the budget evening or when you have something big to celebrate.

Eating out in Groningen:

We'll start with the quick bite. Not too much fuss, don't sit too long in a restaurant in Groningen and above all you want very tasty food! In these tents you do not lose too much. Moreover, these are all addresses where you can just walk in if you spontaneously feel like a nice snack or drink. Find your best restaurant in Groningen now.

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Pernickel in Groningen

Do you want to start the day off right? Then join Pernikkel for your breakfast in Groningen, because everything you order here is homemade and often purchased locally. That's a good start to your day! Although you're also good here for a drink. You pay for the bitterballen per piece and we only applaud that. This way you never have to quibble about the odd number in the cup again, and you can easily order a few extra bitterballen.


When you are in Groningen you don't want it of course‘Best veggie restaurant’missing from the Netherlands. FLFL is a well-known business in Groningen that – as the name suggests – only makes falafel. So be sure to get a portion and be convinced by the delicious falafel!

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Restaurant in Groningen: Clockworker

Uurwerker is loved by the many students of the city. And it's not just because of this onehotspotliterally next to the Faculty of Arts. It is always busy and that is mainly due to the large wood-burning oven. It's the only one in the city, so it's no secret that you can eat the best pizzas in Groningen at De Uurwerker. You can also easily spend the whole day here behind your laptop, sipping on the necessary cups of coffee. It is a good place to stay at the shared table and it is nice to work or study.

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Knol's Cake

Do you want to try a real regional product? Then Knols Koek should not be missed. It is a kind of gingerbread, but slightly different. Groninger cake as grandfather Knol once started with this. The cakes are available in different flavors such as ginger, nuts, currants and raisins.

Black & Bloom

You can get the best cup of coffee in Groningen at Black & Bloom. In 2016 they even won the Coffee Top 100, so you can count on it. It's a cafe and shop in one. So you can also take your favorite coffee blend home. Win win!


By the decorspotyou soon; this is the bike cafe of Groningen. Everything here revolves around the steel steed. They are sold, repaired and even hung on the wall. Even non-cycling enthusiasts can enjoy a good cup of coffee, a delicious lunch or a tasty snackhomemadeCrin's cake.

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In these restaurants you can eat well in Groningen. Not a quick snack of the day, but then again nonefinedining. Are you looking for a nice restaurant in Groningen to go out for dinner with friends after a day of strolling through the city? Then take a look at our tips!

Eating out in Groningen: The Concerthuis

Just hang out after a night out. The brackish brunch at the Concerthuis is famous and notorious among thelocals.So come and break out on Sunday until late in the afternoon at the extensive breakfast buffet of this restaurant in Groningen. Don't expect boring sandwiches but what you need with your hangover; fries, egg and spring rolls.

Restaurant in Groningen: Backside

Whether you eat vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian or basically everything; if you are open to new flavors and surprising combinations, you have come to the right place at this restaurant in Groningen. With their motto "vegan cuisinefor everyone', they manage to convince all Groningen residents of a plant-based lifestyle. Because that is not only tasty but also very nice. They like a relaxed atmosphere here. So don't be surprised if the chef compliments yououtfitcomes to give. Will you compliment him again on his great cooking skills? In other words; here you can enjoy a delicious meal in Groningen!


You will quickly feel at home at both Wadapartja locations. In a cozy living roomsettingenjoy a delicious mix of healthy &guilty pleasures.Do you feel so at home that you want to bring the atmosphere of Wadapartja into your home? Which can! Everything is for sale here; from the chair you sit on to the plate on which you are served the food.

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Workman restaurant in Groningen

This café-restaurant is named after the pride of Groningen; printer and artist Hendrik Nicolaas Werkman. Take a good look around you in this beautiful building, because the colorful interior full of abstract shapes exudes its style. Tip from us; choose a spot on the top floor. Here you have a beautiful view over the Grote Markt. This restaurant in Groningen is not to be missed and is an absolute hotspot!

Restaurant in Groningen: Green Chair

Be sure to join the Green Chair. Not only the tiles on the wall are green here, but so is the initiative. This restaurant in Groningen is also a workplace that offers refugees the opportunity to work for them through catering training. With the changing menu, they will amaze you every time you visit. How about the Creole menu, for example? With creative dishes, full of color and taste, you can always taste the world here.

Mr. Smith’s loft in Groningen

When you go out for a night in Groningen, you should actually go to Mr. Smith's loft. An old acquaintance, back with a vengeance. After traveling the world for years, Mr. Smith back in his old warehouse in Groningen with the best from all corners of the world. With exotic cocktails, tastefulstreet foodand swinging music, you are guaranteed a pleasant evening at this restaurant in Groningen!

Mr. Mofongo

For the best cocktails I would definitely (also) go to Mr. Mofongo go. Just because here thebartendersare assisted by a robot and together they make unique cocktails from more than 50 home-made drinks. The fact that they were recently named 'the Best Cocktail Bar in the Netherlands' says it all, doesn't it?

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€€€ Restaurants in Groningen

At these restaurants in Groningen you often have to book well in advance. Some even have one or more stars. In short; do you want afancydinner or luxury dining out? Then choose one of these restaurants.


Do not expect that you can just join De Haan, because they have a standard waiting time of about four months. Fortunately, that's not for nothing. The three musketeers Dennis, Ian and Mart run the whole place. From kitchen to service, and yes, also the dishes! That alone deserves respect, but the food is also just horribly delicious. Definitely worth the wait to join this restaurant in Groningen.

Bistro Vive la Vie

At Vive la Vie in Groningen they are looking for the most beautiful fresh products every day. That's why they don't have a fixed menu, so they can respond to all the goodies that the season has to offer at that time. Be amazed by the 5, 6 or 7-course surprise menu. You will have no regrets. Here you can enjoy a delicious meal in Groningen!

Restaurant in Groningen: Noor

One of the newer hotspots near Groningenstad: restaurant Noor. This is the newest restaurant of Jeroen and Marleen Brouwer, the owners of the former star restaurant De Loohoeve. The kitchen focuses on seemingly contrasting combinations that reinforce and complement each other. Eating out in Groningen? Then this is absolutethe place to be!

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