Cycling around the world: scenic bike tours from Bavaria via Dubai to Australia, Wilde & Partner Communications GmbH, press release (2023)

Combine activity, nature and sightseeing - this is best done on two wheels. With a tailwind, unknown places can be discovered and new perspectives explored. It doesn't matter whether it's with a mountain backdrop in the Bavarian foothills of the Alps, through the desert outside the city of Dubai or at the other end of the world in Australia - bike lovers all over the world will find picturesque routes through idyllic nature with special views. There is something for every age and skill level on these tours around the world:

Simply wonderful: A Bavarian bike tour on a summer evening
There are 140 kilometers of well-signposted cycle paths around the Moorheilbad Bad Aibling at the gates of Munich. They lead through the slightly hilly foothills of the Alps with forests and meadows and are made for excursions into the countryside - for both the inexperienced and the ambitious - always with a view of the Chiemgau mountains. The flat tours to the Renaissance castle Maxlrain, which is well worth seeing, are ideal for beginners. Before returning, it's worth stopping at the rustic beer garden at Schloss Maxlrain, where the Bavarian snack tastes particularly good with a view of the Wendelstein. Anyone who enjoys cycling in company can join a guided half-day or full-day tour from the Bad Aibling Moves! program in the summer months from May to September. The bike guides take the participants on exciting tours through the beautiful Mangfall Valley and explain the landscape and culture. If you don't have the right bike, you can easily rent it on site.

Explore Wagner and Wilhelmine on two wheels
Due to its location on the Red Main, Bayreuth is an ideal starting point for combining culture and activities in nature. In addition to the historic city center, the surrounding Fichtelgebirge and the Franconian Switzerland region can also be explored by bike. Numerous bike rentals have a diverse range of mountain bikes, racing bikes or e-bikes - there is something for everyone! From the UNESCO World Heritage Margravial Opera House in downtown Bayreuth, the baroque Hermitage Gardens with the New and Old Palace - once redesigned by Margravine Wilhelmine - can be reached within just 20 minutes by bike. Both in the Wagner city and in the immediate vicinity of the sights outside, bicycles can be parked in modern, specially installed bicycle parking spaces for a break before cyclists take short excursions in the area or the almost 1,000-kilometer tour on the Castle Road Cycle Path to Start Mannheim.

Train & Bike in Graubünden, Switzerland
Graubünden is known as the land of cyclists - as the Swiss call cycling. The canton offers numerous spectacular routes that can be cycled. For example, you can bike through the Rhine Gorge, along mighty rock faces and through picturesque villages. With muscle power or electricity you can reach the summit. Guests can choose from over 4,000 kilometers of marked cycle paths and bike trails. Many routes run along the network of the Rhaetian Railway. The Rhaetian Railway offers the GraubündenPASS Bike so that the starting points can be reached easily or tired legs can be brought back safely. Up and down, back and forth: Guests put their own bike tour together – and can switch to the train at any time. Guests in Graubünden can combine train and bike as they please. The graubündenPASS Bike is available for a preferred region or for the entire canton.

A bike tour like out of a fairy tale
A calm breeze, lush oak and pine forests, past the gently flowing Cosson River: The largest closed forest national park in Europe, the Domaine de Chambord, can be explored most impressively on two wheels. Against the backdrop of the historic Chambord Castle, visitors can enjoy a romantic bike tour straight out of a fairy tale on around 20 kilometers of idyllic cycle paths. As the only hotel in the Forest National Park, the luxury boutique HotelRelais de Chambord is perfectly situated for tours of all kinds. For guests wishing to explore the estate and the surrounding Loire Valley region, the hotel offers the possibility of renting bicycles and e-bikes to rent. In the evening, enjoying a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and other regional delicacies on the spacious terrace of the hotel restaurant with a view of the castle is the perfect reward after a day of sightseeing.

Discovering Natural Treasures: Biking in Luštica Bay
Luštica Bay in Montenegro offers a mesmerizing combination of rugged mountain scenery and blue ocean, waiting to be explored by explorers from all over the world. With majestic mountains, hidden beaches and unique cultural highlights, Luštica Bay is an insider tip on the Adriatic coast. Here, an active and healthy outdoor lifestyle is lived and celebrated. Visitors can experience the untouched nature of Montenegro up close on a bike tour. The routes lead through olive groves, picturesque villages and past historic buildings with a view of the Luštica peninsula. The Chedi Luštica Bay in the Bay of Trašte serves as a perfect starting point for cycling tours in the region. Guests are welcomed in a casual, luxurious atmosphere right on the water and can choose from over ten different outdoor activities. Active vacationers have the opportunity to rent bicycles and e-bikes to explore the surrounding village. To cool down after an eventful day, guests can choose between the infinity pool overlooking the Adriatic Sea or the quiet private beach.

Discover Mija's coastline on two wheels
With a stunning backdrop of bright sunshine, gentle sea breezes and scenic landscapes, the iconic HotelLa Zambraden offers the perfect base for cycling tours. Quiet promenades along the sea and picturesque villages - the area around Mijas, one of the most beautiful communities on the Costa del Sol, is waiting to be discovered on two wheels. If you want something more challenging, you can choose between numerous mountain bike trails around the Mijas mountain range. Back at the hotel, guests will find relaxation and culinary indulgence with the finest Andalusian cuisine.

Discover Dubai from new perspectives
Not on the back of a camel, but on wire donkeys through the desert: the rising sun bathes the dunes in front of Dubai's gates in a magical red light, the wind caresses your skin, while your legs kick hard, your head can just take a break. If you saddle up in Dubai, you will be quickly rewarded. Holidaymakers who want to explore the metropolis and the region on two wheels will be surprised by the different possibilities. The expansive dunes in front of the city can be traversed on the Al Quadra Cycling Course. The paved routes are designed exclusively for cyclists and delight professionals and amateurs alike. If you prefer mountain biking, you will feel particularly at home in the Hatta Mountains. The 52-kilometer mountain bike trails lead past impressive rock faces and natural paths. Prefer to be out and about in the city? The glittering lights of the beach metropolis can best be observed from the Nad Al Sheba cycle path, the cycle path at the Dubai Water Canal or at Jumeirah Beach also invite you to leisurely exploration tours for the whole family.

Victoria: Mountain biking through the Grampians
Mountain biking with a view: The state of Victoria is located in the south-east of Australia and is best known for its magnificent nature, its historical and cultural heritage and its vibrant capital Melbourne. In addition, the region is also a true paradise for outdoor fans and active vacationers. Countless hiking and biking routes worth seeing promise the best conditions for all ages and skill levels. A trip to the Grampians, an idyllic mountain range in the sparsely populated inner part of Victoria, is particularly worthwhile for ambitious cyclists. From leisurely, shady cycle paths to mountain bike trails that are illuminated at night, there is something for every taste. Highlights include routes along Lake Hamilton and the Wimmera River, through the valley floor at Halls Gap and past quaint towns like Dunkeld. If you don't have your own bike with you on holiday, you can rent a bike from the Ararat and Grampians Visitor Information Center in the city of Ararat or at another designated rental station - even for several days. Then just buckle on your helmet and off you go!


How many miles a day bike tour? ›

The average individual conducting a long-distance bicycle tour will cycle between 40 and 60 miles (64 – 96 kilometers) each day. However, distances both shorter and longer than this are quite common. 40 to 60 miles is the average daily distance recommended for most bicycle tourists.

How many miles to bike across the country? ›

TransAmerica Bike Route

The TransAmerica Bike Route is the classic bike touring route across America. At 4,626 miles, the route starts in Astoria, Oregon, and ends in Yorktown, Virginia.

How do I plan a cycling tour? ›

Steps to Creating Your Route
  1. Determine your style of touring and the terrain you want to ride.
  2. Decide the region you want to ride in and when.
  3. Explore the region with maps and online mapping tools.
  4. Take into account traffic, road or trail conditions, and elevation when planning distance.
Feb 11, 2019

How long is the bike tour in France? ›

The minimum tour duration for cycling holidays in France is 5 days, and those trips start from $1,799pp.

How many miles on average can you bike in an hour? ›

Considering that the average cycling speed is 13.5 mph (21.72 km/h), the average cyclist can expect to cycle 13.5 miles in an hour.

Is it possible to bike 40 miles in a day? ›

While a 40-mile ride is a challenge in itself, there are plenty of people who complete the TD Five Boro Bike Tour without any special training. Adding 60 miles to the task will require some additional preparation, no matter your age or equipment.

How many miles can the average person bike? ›

Statistics tell us that a person of average fitness can cycle approximately 10 miles per hour. In a day, an average person should be able to cover between 40 and 50 miles if they take it steadily and have breaks.

Can you bike 70 miles in a day? ›

Most people are capable of riding a bike at a speed of 10-12 MPH. So, if you have the determination and endurance to continue pedaling for 8-10 hours, then you could theoretically ride 70-100+ miles (after you take out some time for stopping and breaks).

How many hours a week do pro cyclists ride? ›

Pro cyclists often ride 20-30 hours a week. Riders training for ultramarathon events may log even more. Recreational racers (category 3, 4, 5 and masters) usually put in about 10 weekly hours, although some get by on 5 or 7 quality hours if their events are short.

How many rides a week cycling? ›

Minimum of 3 rides a week: To make sustained improvements, you should ride at least 3 times a week. This is only the minimum amount, and you may choose to ride more often. Don't overtrain: Different riders respond differently to varying levels of training.

Do riders ride everyday in Tour de France? ›

The cyclists in the Tour de France ride over 100 kilometers almost every day, climb massive mountains, descend at warp speed down twisty pavement, and finish it all off with a furious sprint. With the hours on hours they spend in the saddle each day, we're curious about one simple thing: How do these riders pee?

How much does a Tour of France bike cost? ›

They offer the most streamlined professional cycling bikes, such as disc-brake equipped aero bikes or new carbon fiber dream machines. But, how much does a Tour de France bike cost? With all its technology and innovations, a Tour de France has an average cost of $6,000 to $12,000 per equipment.

How many hours a day do Tour de France riders ride? ›

Tour cyclists will complete more than 2,200 miles in 23 days with a mere two days of rest. And cyclists still ride two or three hours on those rest days. That's more than a century (100-mile) ride per day. A dedicated road cyclist will average 200 to 250 miles per week, well below a Tour rider's 770 miles.

Can you bike 10 miles in an hour? ›

How long to cycle 10 miles? A good average for a ten mile bike ride is between 45 minutes and an hour. If you're a beginner, it's more likely to be closer to the hour mark.

How many miles do you need to ride a bike to lose weight? ›

Steady, moderate cycling burns about 300 calories in 60 minutes, but you can burn more than that if you increase the intensity. In fact, according to the Harvard Health Letter, a 155-pound person can burn as many as 298 calories in a 30-minute bike ride, if they pedal at a 12-to-13.9 mile-per-hour pace.

Can you bike 25 miles in an hour? ›

Many cyclists never get to an average over 13-15 mph, don't worry about it, enjoy yourself. Plenty of cyclists can maintain 25+ mph over long distances, especially if conditions are flat or they are cycling in groups.

Can you ride 200 miles in a day? ›

"200 miles is a big benchmark to go after for any cyclist, and I think that's the beauty of it," says Conor. "Any cyclist can do this, from their doorstep like we have, go out, big adventure, and make it home in the same day."

Is biking 10 miles a day a lot? ›

Biking is a great cardiovascular exercise. It is healthy for the heart as it gives a full body workout. In this case, biking is extremely beneficial. Biking 10 miles a day can make one healthier and boost their heart health substantially.

Is biking 20 miles a day a lot? ›

—I've determined that 20 miles is a ride length you can easily tailor to fit any fitness scenario. If you've let yourself go and haven't touched the bike for a while, 20 miles is still eminently manageable, and a few rides at that length will get you back into decent shape.

Can you cycle 100 miles in a day? ›

A hundred-mile bike ride is a considerable challenge, but with the help of the right training programme, it's far from impossible. Set yourself targets along the way and ensure that your approach is varied, and you'll be able to conquer the course!


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